Don Ruffles Limited
26 West Street
Ruffles are proud to inform you of our specialist Office Machines website, which has changed the way people buy office machines and made Don Ruffles the Largest Supplier of Commercial Shredders in the UK.
With a flying start since the launch, Ruffles have taken hundreds of thousands of machine orders from the site worth over £20,000,000, and are now responsible for nearly 20% of all of the Shredders in the UK.
So why then, with so many other Internet dealers selling machine, has this particular site proved to be so successful
Michael Knight, Managing Director of Don Ruffles says:
‘Having spent over 35 years supplying Shredding Equipment in the UK as the Former Managing Director & Vice President of Pan European Sales of Martin Yale (Schleicher - intimus) I have seen some significant changes in the buying patterns of both Individuals and Corporate Account Customers... The one thing that remains constant though is the need to offer real In-depth Product Knowledge, a fully Unbiased Independent Choice, and then End User Prices offering added value
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE – no other Specialist Machine Supplier has had our hands on practical experience in supplying both International Resellers, and Corporate End Users alike. Previous Customers include all National UK & European Office Supplies Wholesalers, Contract Stationers and the Global Mail Order Distributors & End Users including most Local & Central Government Departments, Major Financial Institutions & the majority of the Top 1000 Companies in the UK.
INDEPENDENT CHOICE – as no one manufacturer produces machines covering the whole market requirements, we offer product from the Major Office Machine Manufacturers World-Wide, with annual sales in excess of $1,000,000,000 per annum.
END USER PRICING – with such a large purchasing spend, in many cases we are able to sell products cheaper than our Competitors can buy at.
Why Us?
  • Experienced Senior Advisors – totalling over 50 years' experience in selling Machines
  • Exclusive Products
  • Logistical Backing - from Don Ruffles Limited - with 30 years trading history
  • Unbeatable Pricing – Discounts up to 80% of Recommended Retail Prices
  • Advice on - Choosing the correct machine
  • Information on – Data Protection – Corporate Fraud – Industrial Espionage – Identity Theft
  • Special Offers - Exclusive Manufacturers offers – Cash Backs
  • Machine Comparisons – By Manufacturer – By Product Group – By Price
  • Independent Advice – Unbiased help and guidance by not being tied to one Manufacturer
  • Practical Help – Telephone advice from experienced Manufacturer trained advisors
  • Currency Converter – See what you’ll pay in £ Pounds - $ Dollars - € Euros
  • Terminology Guide - Cuts through ‘Technical Speak’ by explaining in everyday language
  • Common Questions – Answered with practical guidance

Before you purchase over the internet check out your Supplier

With internet trading the online face that you see may not always be a true picture of the Company or Individual that you are dealing with. It is now very easy to set up a website one day and be trading from a laptop in your bedroom the next. As a customer you may have no idea of the substance, security or longevity of the Company that you are dealing with. A legitimate Multinational Company or an individual who will take your money and run - possibly with your credit card information to use again at a later date!!
We here at Don Ruffles are neither - we are small enough to have very low overheads, but large enough to have a proper Company structure that you can rely on to be here long term to answer any questions or queries throughout the life of the products that we supply to you.
So that you are completely at ease in dealing with our Company and to show that we have nothing to hide, we enclose the following Company information which is readily available to be checked at any time:
Trading Company:Don Ruffles Limited
Registered Company Number:03571196
Trading Address:26 West Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9BX
Holding Company:The OPS Group (non-trading)
Managing Director:Michael Knight
Operations Director:Jeremy Mills
Company History:Established over 30 years
Financial Stability:A1 Credit Rating
Net Worth 2017/18:+£500,000.00
Orders processed per annum:+25,000
Practical Machine Experience:+50 years - total for 4 Senior Staff
Current Machine Contracts:Several Top 1000 Companies, Central Government Departments, Police Forces + Local Government
Back Office Administration:Dedicated Server, EDI, Prima, ACT
Service Support:Warranty period - Manufacturers + Nationwide Service Company
Preferred Supplier Status: Rexel/GBC, Fellowes, HSM, Swordfish, IDEAL, DAHLE, 5 Star, Q Connect, Brother, Safescan
Online Security:QuoVadis latest Extended Validation SSL Encryption
Telephone Number:01293 775248
Fax Number:0845 5555 008