It is normal for new laminators to have a slight smell during the first use which comes from the new element and should fade with subsequent uses..

Chains Clips and Punches

Our Laminating Chains, Clips, Badges and Punches are perfect for helping Organizations make their own Identity Badges and Name Tags. We carry lanyards, badge clips, name badge holders, name supports, security badges, and slot punches to help you add a slot to your laminated cards or badges so that you can use them with a lanyard or badge reel. You can use these handy supplies to provide professional Identity Cards for your Staff and Visitors within your Organization or at Events that you are hosting.

Q Connect Value ID Badges with Clips
Pack Size: 25
£3.95 + vat
2 options available
Fellowes Name Support Badges - 2 sizes
Multiple Pack Sizes Available
from £13.18 + vat

Fellowes Pin Clip Badge Clear PVC
Pack Size: 50
£7.22 + vat

GBC 27 inch Neck Chain
Pack Size: 100
£40.95 + vat

GBC Badge Clip - Metal Clip & Plastic Strap
Pack Size: 100
£12.50 + vat

GBC Slot Punch - for Clips and Straps
Pack Size: 1
£26.96 + vat