Jam-free means that your laminator has anti-jam features including a reverse mechanism, a release button or an east access lift off lid to clear jams.

Coloured Lamination Pouches

Coloured laminating pouches are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your laminated documents so that they get noticed. OfficeMachines.net now carries a wide selection of pouches with coloured backs and can supply either in a selection pack of assorted colours, or individually as Blue Laminating Pouches, Green Laminating Pouches, Red Laminating Pouches, Yellow Laminating Pouches and Black Laminating Pouches. These coloured laminating pouches are ideal for making your laminated documents stand out, making sure that your documents get the attention that they deserve. Coloured laminating pouches work the same as any other heat activated laminating pouches, are easy to use and are ultra clear.
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