Laminated materials can be reused; they are wipe clean and splash proof.

Small or Special Sized Lamination Pouches

Small or Special sized laminating pouches are used in a pouch laminator to protect and seal small documents and other items like tags and cards, including business cards, credit cards, driving licenses, fishing and hunting licenses, IBM data cards, military cards, key cards and luggage tags. They work like standard laminating pouches sealing the item within the pouch having been run through a pouch laminator making them tamper proof, hard to tear, and dirt and moisture resistant.
The most popular Special Size Pouch sizes are:
Credit Card 54x86mm - Credit card size laminating pouches are an ideal way to protect valuable credit cards from identification tampering, degraded signatures or scratched scan surfaces.
IBM 59x83mm - Use an IBM Card size laminating pouch to protect your data cards from tampering or damage.
Business Card 60x90mm - The business card size laminating pouch will protect your business cards from crumpling and tearing. Laminated business cards stand out from the rest and are less likely to be lost in the stack.
Key Card 64x99mm - Protect your key cards by laminating them.
Government or Military Card 65x95mm - Keep your military cards tamper free by laminating them.
Luggage (with and without slot) 64x108mm - A small laminating pouch will protect your luggage tags from ID tampering or tearing apart.
Badge various sizes - Keep your badgees tamper free by laminating them.
Photo A5, A6 and A7 sizes Protect your precious photographs by laminating them.
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Vivid Boss Premium Crystal Clear A7 Pouches
Pack Size: 100
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