The maximum stated thickness refer to the contents of the pouch or the contents + the pouch itself.

Gloss Lamination Pouches

Pouch Laminators use a lamination pouch which has 2 layers in which the item to be laminated is positioned. The inside of the pouch is coated with a heat-activated film which melts when passed through the heated rollers and is then bonded under pressure. Our Gloss Pouches produce a high quality shiny finish and can be supplied in a variety of thicknesses which will depend on the type of laminator purchased. Pouches are detailed in micron thickness per side so 2 x 125 micron is a total of 250 microns. can supply budget pouches which are economical and perfect for almost any job, and manufacturers branded products perfect for higher quality requirements. Pouches can also be supplied as Super Quick or High Speed which is suitable for use with any A3 size Laminator with the A4 High Speed Laminating Pouches being feed in along the long edge for fast, accurate loading and up to 30% quicker laminating time.
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Q Connect Value Gloss Laminating Pouches - All sizes
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Swordfish Laminating Pouches
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GBC EZ-IN Gloss Finish Laminating Pouches - All Sizes
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