Powis Fastback Image Strips for FB9 - Continuous Background (CB) Narrow - Discontinued

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The Fastback® Image Strip is a thermal binding strip that has an image printed on it perfect for stunning high-impact documents that will stand out from the crowd – great for Corporate documents and Business proposals. This image can consist of photographs, vector art, and/or various color specifications. The strip is wider along the front edge to allow for a larger graphic element on the cover of the document. Image Strips comes in three styles: Theme, Branded, and Custom. Each has advantages, and each will appeal to a different customer need.
The Continous Background Image Strip is a basic design which repeats in all directionswith a custom logo added. Please note that a one-off set up charge of £95.00 will be charged seperately on production of the art work.
Pack Size: 300
RRP: £275
Sold Out