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Binding Machine Wizard
Binding Machine Wizard
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Use a binder to protect and preserve materials which otherwise can become dog-eared with age and frequent use.

Binding Types Explained

If you've never bought a binding machine before then you may not be aware that there are many different ways of binding paper together. From the more traditional Metal Wire and Plastic Comb binding to newer techniques such as Thermal and Click binding, this page will explain each option clearly to help you make a more informed decision.

Comb Binding

The perfect binding process for Client Presentations and Tenders or Individual Documents where you want to make a great first impression. The most economical way to bind Comb Binding uses conventional Plastic Combs to hold pages together and has the advantage of letting pages open wide and lie flat for convenient note taking and photocopying. Pages can be turned 360, plus you can easily add and remove pages with the use of a machine for quick edits. Our Plastic Combs are durable and won't scratch, chip, peel or discolour, and they come in a variety of sizes and colours to meet all your Binding requirements. Try colour coordinated covers and index tabs to add that finishing touch. Comb Binding Machines can be supplied with either a Manual or Electric Punch.

Wire Binding

Take presentations to the next level with this stylish, robust and durable Metal Binding Spine which offer a High-Tech, Contemporary look. Wire Binding is one of the most secure ways of finishing your documents and is perfect for non-editable closure of items like Financial Reports. Wire Combs allow you to open your document to a 360 rotation for convenient note taking and photocopying and lets pages lie flat. The Wires are available in standard A4 or A5 Sizes in both 2:1 (2 holes per inch for use on Multifunctional binding machines) and 3:1 (3 holes per inch for use on Wire binding machines) pitches. Wires are available in boxes or convenient packs, and come in a variety of colours and finishes allowing you to permanently bind documents giving you peace of mind in knowing your presentations will always look great and stay secure. Wire Binding Machines can be supplied with a Manual or Electric Punch, and or Clamping Device.

Thermal Binding

Turn pages into a 'perfect bound' paper-book look in seconds giving your documents an extra professional appearance with this clean, perfect-bound style. Thermal Binding uses a secure heating element that melts an adhesive strip that is already inserted into a preformed cover. When the adhesive dries the pages are permanently stuck together producing documents that are great for filing, stacking and mailing. Thermal Bound Documents are permanently bound without the need for holes, tapes or fasteners, so documents stay in place securely each time. Thermal Covers are available in a number of sizes to bind documents up to 500 pages thick, and can be supplied in various finishes like LinenWeave, LeatherGrain, Silk or Gloss.

MultiFunctional Binding Systems

Choose from a variety or Binding Systems incorporated in one single Machine. Combining different Binding processes in one model is perfect for anyone who needs the flexibility of Multi Binding Formats without the expense of having to purchase two or more units. Multi Function machines, depending on the model chosen offer the operator the possibility to Comb Bind, Wire Bind (2:1 or 3:1 pitch), Click Bind, Coil Bind and to Punch Documents either manually or Electrically.

Coil or Spiral Binding

Spiral Binding Machines use a Coil of Plastic or Metal which is inserted into pre-punched hole already cut at set intervals into a document. Normally supplied with an Electric Spiral Inserting Unit, this system of Binding is extremely hard warring and perfect for busy offices where security is required as the coils are crimped so that documents will not unfasten, unless they are re-bound. Depending on the model chosen these machines can be supplied with Die Disengagement Punch Pins to punch A4 and smaller documents, convenient waste paper chip storage trays, and adjustable margin setting which provides various margin depth options. Also an integrated spiral cutting and crimping unit can perfectly cut and crimps the plastic spiral ends or metal spirals can be cut using a set of SC-pliers. Coils allow you to open your document to a 360 rotation for convenient note taking and photocopying and lets pages lie flat.

Click Binding

Make presentations stand out with this fast and easy Binding style that offers an upmarket, stylish look and feel for all professional presentations. ClickBind allows pages to lie flat with 360 rotation for note taking and photocopying, and it lets you easily add and remove sheets with a special editing tool or by hand as the spines can be zipped and unzipped to edit pages anywhere and anytime. These spines are also compatible with any Wire Binding System and are suitable for mailing offering a professional look that's easy to edit. Click Binding Spines have 34 loops and are suitable for binding A4 Documents

Channel Binding

A quick and easy to use Binding System that allows you to bind up to 280, 80gsm, A4 Sheets in seconds. Channel Binding is a unique and ingenious binding solution that is generally much quicker and easier to use than most traditional binding methods, and gives a book finish that is perfect for conference packs, presentations, legal documents and many more. The Channel System always supplies an impressive finish that looks like a professionally bound document. There are only 2 binding processes - just insert the paper into the chosen cover and press the clamp. Very simple to use, and perfectly secure - when bound the papers will never come loose. Depending on the model chosen the Channel Binding Machine will measures the thickness of your document and then show you which cover size to use between 3.5mm and 28mm. It can be easily stored away whilst not in use and all models are supplied with a 3 Year guarantee. Chanel Binding Covers can be supplied in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Strip Binding

Velobind and Surebind offer a completely secure style of Document Presentation, using a Strip and Prongs to clamp and secure the pages of a document together. These systems were developed and are extremely popular within the Legal and Accountancy profession as a replacement for ribbon binding as documents are secure and tamper proof. The Surebind range, punch 10 holes which match the pitch used for Comb Binding, so to increase production a Comb Punch could be used, and depending on the model chosen a special De-Binding Tool is available to allow extra pages to be added or removed.