In order to hide the spine, place the back cover on the front then once bound rotate that back cover to the reverse.

SureBind Strips

SureBind Strips can be used with GBC SureBind machines which offer a choice of two binding formats to suit different machine types and office environments. The Surebind 10-prong formats are for permanently bound, tamper-proof legal or contractual documents. They can hold up to 750 pages and once pushed through the page holes are welded securely in place. In addition, the Surebind 10-prong format allows the secure re-binding of 21-hole documents originally bound using CombBind.
Choose from 3 colours
GBC A4 SureBind Strips - 50mm with 10 prongs
Pack Size: 100
from £68.95 + vat
Choose from 7 colours
GBC SureBind Strips - 25mm A4 with 10 prongs
Pack Size: 100
from £26.95 + vat