Select a binder that has the features and specifications that best match your needs - think about where it will be used and how often.

Frosted Binding Covers

These Frosted Binding Covers are made from Polypropylene and are suitable for both wire and comb binding. Polypropelene can be recycled, making it much more environmentally friendly than PVC Clear Covers. Available in a number of different thicknesses these covers still provide a "see-through" effect. We would recommend purchasing Frosted Binding Covers with a Gloss Binding Cover to act as the back cover.

5 Star Frosted Binding Covers A4
Pack Size: 100
£12.03 + vat
Choose from 4 colours
GBC PolyOpaque Binding Covers
Pack Size: 100
from £27.95 + vat
Choose from 3 thicknesses
GBC PolyClearView Frosted Binding Covers A4
Pack Size: 100
from £15.95 + vat