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Binding Machine Wizard
Binding Machine Wizard
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Use up-to-date images in your reports and other bound documents for a more professional look.

Channel Binding Machines

Channel Binding Machines are quick and easy to use and allow you to bind up to 280 A4 (80gsm) sheets in seconds. Channel Binding is a unique and ingenious binding solution that is generally much quicker and easier to use than most traditional binding methods and gives a book finish that is perfect for conference packs, presentations, legal documents and many more. The Channel Binding System always supplies an impressive finish that looks like a professionally bound document. There are only 2 binding processes - just insert the paper into the chosen cover and press the clamp: very simple to use and perfectly secure as once bound the papers will never come loose. Depending on the model chosen the Channel Binding Machine will measures the thickness of your document and then show you which cover size to use between 3.5mm and 28mm. It can be easily stored away whilst not in use and all models are supplied with a 3 Year guarantee. Channel Binding Covers can be supplied in a variety of sizes and finishes.