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Select a binder that has the features and specifications that best match your needs - think about where it will be used and how often.

Binding Covers Explained

If you've never bought a binding machine before then you may not be aware of the huge range of binding covers available for these machines. There are literally thousands of products available that most companies don't bother to display on their website as it is a very time consuming process. We have the largest selection of binding covers in the UK, however this can make choosing a daunting task. Here we will try to explain the various categories and offer useful advice to help you choose.

Standard Binding Covers

Our standard binding covers are usually made from cardboard and can be used to suit almost any need. They can be used individually (as a back cover) or as a pair (front and back) and are usually available in a variety of bright colours as well as the more traditional whites and blacks. Various textured or smooth finishes are also available with a choice of A5, A4 and A3 sizes.

Clear Binding Covers

Our clear binding covers are usually made from PVC of varying thicknesses and allow you to see the first page of your bound document. These can be used with the Standard or Gloss binding covers (as a back cover) and are perfect when people are being handed multiple documents so they can easily see what each one is about.

Gloss Binding Covers

Our gloss binding covers are suitable for all binding systems and look particularly attractive when using a clear or frosted front cover. Available in a variety of different colours, they also make a stylish front cover as many have a handy viewing window allowing you to insert a report title.

Frosted Binding Covers

Frosted binding covers are made from Polypropylene are suitable for both wire and comb binding and have the added advantage that they are more environmentally friendly than PVC as they can be recycled. Available in various different thicknesses, these covers still provide a "see through" effect, however with a professional frosted effect. These look particularly striking when used as a front cover with a gloss cover used for the back.

Thermal Binding Covers

Thermal binding covers are for use with our range of thermal binding machines only. They all feature a coloured board back and spine with a clear front cover and come in a variety of thicknesses. Thermal bound documents look and feel very stylish and so are perfect where first impressions really count.