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Binding Machine Wizard
Binding Machine Wizard
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Use a binder to protect and preserve materials which otherwise can become dog-eared with age and frequent use.

Binding Machines for home or office use from the UK's best value binding machines site

We have over 30 years experience in selling binding machines and binding supplies and can provide a machine to suit the needs of professional, office and home users. Our Binding Machines section features a unique Wizard to help choose the right machine. We have ranges from the top manufacturers including GBC, Fellowes, DSB and RENZ and have the largest selection of binding consumables in the UK.

GBC CombBind C210
only £201 + vat
Fellowes Galaxy Electric
only £495 + vat
Q Connect 12
only £38 + vat

Binding Machines & Binders

Whether you need a home use binder for binding the occasional essay or document, an office binding machine for multiple proposals and reports or a specialist binding system for mass producing hundreds of bound documents then we can find the right machine for you. You can choose between Comb, Wire, Thermal, Coil, Spiral, Click, Channel or Strip Binding. You can also order Paper Punches and a choose from a huge range of Binding Supplies (including Combs, Wires and Covers).

March Special Offers

Binding Machines for Personal or Home Use

Fellowes Starlet 2+ 120
Max Bind Capacity: 120
Max Punch Capacity:12
Max Bind Capacity: 45
Max Punch Capacity:6
Fellowes Pulsar+ 300
Max Bind Capacity: 300
Max Punch Capacity:17

Binding Machines for Light Office Use

Fellowes Quasar Plus Manual
Max Bind Capacity: 500
Max Punch Capacity:20
GBC CombBind C340
Max Bind Capacity: 450
Max Punch Capacity:25
GBC WireBind W18
Max Bind Capacity: 125
Max Punch Capacity:15

Binding Machines for Heavy Office Use

GBC CombBind C450E
Max Bind Capacity: 450
Max Punch Capacity:25
RENZ Bindomatic 5000
Max Bind Capacity: 540
Max Punch Capacity:20
Powis Fastback 9
Max Bind Capacity: 350
Max Punch Capacity:20
Prices shown are EXCLUSIVE of 20% VAT