Projector Mounts for the Wall & Ceiling

These Projector Mounts can be fitted to the wall or ceiling to allow a permanent position for your projector.

Hama Projector Ceiling Mount White

  • Used for mounting projectors
  • Easy-Fix system for simple and fully adjustable orientation of the projector
  • Can be installed on the ceiling
  • Drilling template for mounting the projector mount and a projector quickly and easily
  • With 4 flexible carrier arms, for projectors with tap holes in a spacing of up to 307.7 mm
£75.04 + vat

Hama Ceiling Mount for Projectors

  • Used for mounting projectors
  • Can be tilted 10 degree
  • Can be rotated 360 degree
  • Includes cable guide in the supporting mast
  • Steel Plate material
£75.04 + vat

Hama Projector Mount for Wall/Ceiling

  • Support Universal projector
  • Suitable for roof and wall
  • Usable with and without arm
  • Extendable arm up to 320mm
  • Can be tilted +/- 30 degree
  • Can be rotated 360 degree
£75.93 + vat