Special Offers
  • Stylish

    Innovative Punch, Designed For Comfortable Punching
    £26.36 + vat
  • Heavy-duty

    2-Hole Punch With Lock Down Handle
    £10.26 + vat
  • Drawer

    Heavy-duty 2-Hole Robust Punch
    £104.95 + vat
  • 2-Hole

    Indicator Ensures Properly Aligned Holes Every Time
    £4.24 + vat

Buy 2 Hole, 4 Hole, and Single Hole Punches, as well as Punch Accessories.

A Paper Punch is a device that is used in the office to create holes in sheets of paper. Paper Punches are often used to prepare paper ahead of inserting it into a folder or binder. Filing paper is critical for business operations, and therefore OfficeMachines.net only select products that are incredibly high quality and exceptional value. We have researched the best 2 Hole, 4 Hole, and Single Hole Punches, as well as Punch Accessories.

5 Star Punch 2-Hole Metal with Plastic Base Capacity 30x 80gsm Black
Best Selling Standard Office Hole Punch
only £5.92 + vat
5 Star Punch 4-Hole Metal with Plastic Base Capacity 16x 80gsm Black
Great Value 4-Hole Punch With Non-slip Plastic Base
only £9.50 + vat

Paper Punches

We supply to some of the largest organisations with our Paper Punch products, and have selected the top products from the very best manufacturers. We have partnered with 5 Star, Rapesco, Rexel and White Box, to provide you with the best prices available.

September Special Offers

2-Hole Punches

Impressive Non-slip Plastic Base
£7.49 + vat
Made Of 100% Recycled ABS Casing
£6.32 + vat
Cheap Punch With ABS Handle With All-metal Working Parts
£10.43 + vat

4-Hole Punches

Heavy-duty Aluminium Die-cast Construction
£51.94 + vat
Double-hardened Cutters For Extended Life
£123.95 + vat
Perfect For Everyday Office Use
£5.93 + vat

Single Punch

Sole Punch With Comfortable Ergonomic Handle Grip
£6.66 + vat
Attractively Designed and Tough Enough For Everyday Use
£25.77 + vat
Office Punch With ABS Top Cap and All-metal Working Parts
£4.04 + vat
Prices shown are EXCLUSIVE of 20% VAT