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Stanley Tape Measure Pocket 3m/10 Feet Tylon

  • Ergonomic and durable textured case for non-slip grip
  • Features a blade lock and belt clip
  • Tape Length: 3m
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£6.94 + vat

Stanley Tape Measure Pocket 5m/16 Feet Tylon

  • Ergonomically designed 5 metre measuring tape
  • Durable, textured case for non-slip grip
  • Blade lock and class II EC accuracy
  • True zero hook for accurate measurement
  • Metric measurements only
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£3.85 + vat

Stanley Tape Measure Pocket 8m/26 Feet Tylon

  • Tape Measure
  • Tape Length: 8m
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£13.95 + vat

Stanley Stud Sensor and Finder 200

  • LCD screen clearly displays all of the sensor's readings
  • Wood and metal stud detection through up to 3/4 inch deep surface material
  • AC detection identifies live wires up to 2 inch deep
  • OnePass centre-find technology locates stud centres
  • Marking channel improves accuracy of marking-out readings
  • New ergonomic design, and soft grips provide comfort and control of the tool
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£15.90 + vat

Stanley Laser Measure 30m Working Range

  • Addition , subtraction Convenient way to calculate in the field, using standard measurement units
  • Provides Distance, area, volume calculation
  • Continuous measurement 'tracking' function Finds distance from a target quickly and easily
  • Accuracy: +, - 2mm
  • Working range; 30M
  • Ergonomical cases
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£76.79 + vat

Stanley Window Scraper

  • Ideal for removing excess paint/stickers from windows
  • Supplied with 1 heavy duty blade
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£2.01 + vat

Stanley Metric Hex Colour Coded Key Set

  • High strength tensile steel for durability and long life
  • All keys are stored in size marked and colour coded plastic holder
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£2.92 + vat

Stanley Instrument Screwdriver Set

  • Complete set of screwdrivers with hexagonal handles and revolving heads
  • Nickel-plated, fluted handles for finger-tip control
  • Rust-proof, with tempered and blued steel for long life
  • Contains four parallel and two pozi tips
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£6.36 + vat

Stanley Adjustable Wrench 6in 150mm

  • Polished chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection
  • Use for construction, plumbing, automotive & home uses
  • Chrome vanadium forged body
  • Phosphate finish
  • At ISO 6787 / DIN 3117 / ASME B 107.8M specifications
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£9.50 + vat

Stanley Multi Ratchet Screwdriver With 10 Bits

  • 10 Piece Screwdriver Set
  • Chrome plated bar, corrosion-resistant
  • Large diameter handle which offers great torque needed for driving wood screws
  • 6 Piece Screwdriver set
  • Tri-lobular handle design for high torque
  • Nickel plated boron steel bar for rust protection
  • Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver
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£16.50 + vat

Stanley High Impact Spirit Level 3 Vial 600mm

  • Stanley 600mm Foamcast Spirit Level
  • Lightweight shock resistant level with top read via
  • Made from high impact ABS plastic
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£8.48 + vat

Stanley Carbon Fibre Plier and Waterpump Plier Set

  • Heat treated carbon steel forging for long life
  • Ground heat treated cutting edges for longer life, durability and accuracy
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Polished heads
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£13.54 + vat

Stanley Chisel Set and Sharpening Kit with Storage Box

  • 4 Piece Chisel Set and Sharpening Kit
  • With Storage Box
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£23.86 + vat

Stanley Clawer 16oz Fibreglass Handle

  • Fibreglass core adds strength and durability in the handle, reduces vibrations and provides the 'feel of wood'
  • Yellow-coloured shaft for easy product visibility
  • Exclusive rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling
  • Curved Claw
  • Smooth Face
  • Head Weight: 16 oz. / 454 g
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£10.60 + vat

Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set 10 Piece

  • Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set
  • 10 piece set
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£21.20 + vat

Stanley Curved Jaw Locking Pliers 9in 225mm

  • Forged and machined jaws for maximum durability
  • Built in wire cutter on the curved jaw models for convenience
  • General purpose plier with curved jaw ideal for pipes or hexagonal nuts
  • Non-pinching 'pull' jaw release improves safety and ease of opening
  • Screw adjusts the jaws and the amount of clamping pressure for precision work
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£11.98 + vat

Stanley 230mm Shock Proof Torpedo Level Magnetic Base

  • Shock Proof Torpedo Level
  • 230mm
  • Magnetic Base
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£10.60 + vat

Stanley Hacksaw Solid Steel Frame 12in 300mm

  • Solid steel frame for strength and long life
  • Screwed moulded black handle to ensure virtually unbreakable bond with blade
  • Blade tension system allows quick fine adjustment for wider range of applications
  • Directable blade, 4 positions for a vertical and horizontal cut
  • Supplied with hi-speed steel blade
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£8.27 + vat

Stanley Sortmaster Junior Organiser

  • Sortmaster Junior Organiser
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£7.50 + vat

Stanley High Tension Steel Frame Hacksaw and 5 Blades 12in 300mm

  • General purpose 300mm carbon steel blade
  • Ideal for mild steel, brass, aluminium and cooper
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£4.03 + vat