Digital Systems & Kits

Our team have many years' experience in selling dictation systems and kits. The products in this collection of dictation kits provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to record conferences easily. They therefore usually include a digital notetaker, microphone and many other features. We have researched the best selection in the market, and negotiated the best possible pricing to save you money.

Philips Dictation Starter Kit Complete including 720 Transcriber

  • Complete dictation starter kit for the office
  • Contains: 720 transcription machine, 210 foot control, 234 headset, 155 power supply, 488 Pocket Memo, 5 x 005 mini cassettes, 2 x LR6 batteries (included)
£861.00 + vat

Philips DPM 7700 Starter Kit

  • Two microphones for superior stereo audio recordings
  • High recording quality in DSS and MP3 format
  • Wear-free ergonomic slide switch for efficient single-handed operation
  • Robust stainless steel casing for extra durability
  • Large colour display and intuitive user interface for easy, convenient operation
  • Power saving features and Li-ion battery for extended use
£517.00 + vat

Philips DPM7700 Starter Kit

  • Dictation/Transcription kit consisting of DPM7200 & LFH7177
  • 2.4inch colour TFT display
  • Exchangeable memory cards
  • Up to 700 hours of record time (SP mode)*
  • QP/SP recording modes
  • Wear-free slide-switch operation
£379.00 + vat

Olympus DM-720 4GB Record and Transcribe Kit with AS-2400

  • Digital notetaker with retractable USB connector
  • Built-in 4GB flash memory
  • Record & Transcribe with AS-2400 kit
  • External micro SD / SDHC card slot
  • Up to 985 hours of record time
  • MP3 & WAV file formats
  • Built-in 3-microphone stereo system
£177.95 + vat

Philips DPM6700 Starter Kit

  • Digital voice recorder & transcription set
  • 2.4inch colour TFT display
  • Exchangeable memory cards
  • Up to 700 hours of record time (SP mode)
  • QP/SP recording modes
  • Push-button operation
£314.00 + vat