Analogue Microcassette Dictation Machines

We offer a great range of Microcassette Dictation Machines. Microcassette Dictation recorders use the same width of magnetic tape as a compact cassette, but the tape is houses in a much small cassette. Check out our featured analogue equipment from Grundig and Philips below.

Philips 488 Analogue Pocket Memo Rechargeable REC/BATT Audible Warning

  • Sensitivity switch for conference or close-range recording
  • Automatic gain control for adjustment to optimum recording level
  • End-of-letter index tone for indicating the start of each document and number of recordings
  • Professional editing via slide-switch operation
  • Turbo wind for fast access to any part of the tape
  • Visual indication with LED for showing record status and low battery
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