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Screen Cleaners

Computer screens have a tendency to get incredibly dirty over time, which necessitates the need for our Screen Cleaner category. It is therefore important to remember to clean your screen regularly to reduce to inevitable eye strain that can occur from a dirty computer screen. We have worked with 5 Star, AF, Durable, Fellowes and Hama to give you a large range to choose from We have everything from inexpensive cleaning fluid to comprehensive fingerprint cleaners.

5 Star TFT Screen Cleaner Fluid and Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Soft Optical Quality Blue

  • Cleaner fluid for use on all screens
  • Soft optical quality microfibre cloth, ideal for screens, PDAs, digital cameras and CDs
  • Size: 30ml
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£4.67 + vat

5 Star Screen Cleaning Duo Sachets Pairs of Wet and Dry Wipes [Pack 20x2]

  • Wet/Dry Sachets
  • Suitable for use on all screens, laptops, and touch screens
  • Helps to reduce eye strain that can cause headaches
  • Non-hazardous
  • Anti-static
  • Skin safe
  • 20 wet and 20 dry wipes packed in a dispenser box
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£0.37 + vat

5 Star Screen Cleaning Sachets Anti-static Non-hazardous [Pack 50]

  • Screen Cleaning Sachets
  • Anti-static and non-hazardous
  • Suitable for use on all screens, laptops and touch screens
  • Biodegradable
  • Quantity 50
Out of Stock
£2.77 + vat

5 Star Screen and Keyboard Cleaner Pump Spray Anti-static Non-hazardous 250ml

  • Screen & Keyboard Cleaner
  • Cleaner in a pump action spray bottle
  • Suitable for use on monitor screens, filters, laptops, touch screens, flat screens and keyboards
  • Non-hazardous
  • Anti-static
  • Size: 250ml
In Stock
£5.01 + vat

Durable Screenclean Moist Low Lint Cleaning Wipes Pre-saturated

  • For gentle and streak-free cleaning of monitor screens, screen filters, laptops and PDA's
  • Suitable for glass surfaces on scanners and photocopiers
  • Low-lint wipes
  • Pre-saturated with alcohol-free cleaning fluid
  • Antistatic
  • Biodegradable
  • Tub 100
Out of Stock
£1.27 + vat

Durable Screenclean Individually Packed Moist Low Lint Wipes Pre-saturated

  • 50 individually packed, moist low-lint wipes pre-saturated with alcohol-free cleaning fluid
  • For gentle and streak-free cleaning of monitor screens, screen filters, laptops and PDA's
  • Also suitable for glass surfaces on scanners and photocopiers
  • Antistatic
Out of Stock
£6.87 + vat

5 Star Office Cleaning Tubs [Pack 3]

  • Complete office pack
  • General Purpose Wipes
  • Telephone Wipes
  • Surface Cleaning Wipes
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£6.16 + vat

Durable Screenclean Duo Antistatic Wet & Dry Wipes

  • Individually packed sets of wet and dry cleaning wipes for cleaning of monitor screens, screen filters, laptops and PDA's
  • Suitable for glass surfaces on scanners, photocopiers and screen filters
  • Anti-static
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£1.90 + vat

5 Star Large Washable Microfibre Flannel

  • Microfibre Flannel
  • Non Smearing
  • Large
In Stock
£5.68 + vat

5 Star Laptop Cleaning Kit Travel Size in Pouch

  • Microfibre Cloth
  • 25ml Laptop Cleaner
  • 6 Screen Wipes
  • Handy Travel Size Kit
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£3.57 + vat

5 Star Touch Screen Cleaning Kit

  • Designed for use on all touch screens and tablet
  • Safe non hazardous formulation
Out of Stock
£4.24 + vat

Fellowes 9967404 Screen Cleaning Wipes Pack of 25

  • 25 cleaning wipes for use on Tablets
  • E-Readers
  • Monitor screens
  • Screen filters
  • Laptop screens and glass surfaces of photocopiers and scanners
  • Wipes are biodegradable
In Stock
£1.52 + vat