Commercial Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners have a fantastic range of Commercial Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners which have excellent cleaning performance as well as exceptional ergonomic design. These Vacuums have been designed for industrial purposes and are therefore incredibly well designed for heavy duty use on floors, carpets etc. We have partnered with EcoForce, Numatic and Vax to get you the best prices possible.

Numatic Vacuum Cleaner PPH320A Hepa Flo filtration

  • H14 Hepa-Flo filtration
  • Plugged cable rewind
  • AutoSave energy saving technology
  • Complete with accessory Kit A1
  • Wand docking
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£310.00 + vat

Numatic Large Dry Vacuum Cleaner Twinflo 1200w Motor Capacity 40 Litres Accessory-kit

  • Industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Use of Structofoam throughout makes it as strong as a truck and is every bit as easy to use as smaller machines
  • Full Twinflo specification with a dual 2-stage primary filter system as standard
  • Standard 38mm (11/2 inch) accessory kit includes extra long double swivel hose, stainless steel tubes, 400mm (16 inch) Structofoam floor nozzle and useful accessories
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£517.00 + vat

Numatic Hazardous Waste Vacuum Cleaner 1200w Motor Capacity 9 Litres Accessory-kit

  • Specifically designed to meet stringent requirements of industries needs to vacuum dusts that could constitute a health hazard
  • 99.97% filtration efficiency
  • Full Twinflo motor and Nucable plugged cable system
  • Supplied with comprehensive accessory kit including initial Microflo dust bags
  • It is important the operator considers appropriate clothing and protection when using these products
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£571.00 + vat