A Dehumidifier is a machine used to reduce the percentage of humidity within the air. Generally they are required to eradicate the musty odour that is attributed to locations with high humidity, caused by water in the air. There are many other advantages to reducing humidity, including less pests thriving, less body perspiration, and less condensation. have a fantastic selection of Dehumidifiers from the list below.

Igenix De-Humidifier LCD Display Rotary Compressor Extracts 20L/24h 340W Tank 6.5 Litre

  • Up to 20 litres per day moisture removal
  • 340W Power Input
  • Water tank capacity - 6 Litres
  • Electronic LCD Display
  • Adjustable humidistat between 30 and 80% RH
  • Powerful rotary compressor and Induction motor
  • Refrigerant - R-410a
  • CFC free
£167.95 + vat