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GBC MultiBind 420 Comb, Click, Wire 34 and Wire 21 Binding Machine (4400435)

  • Comb Bind, Wire Bind and Click Bind
  • Comb Bind Capacity (70gsm): 450 sheets
  • Wire Bind Capacity (70gsm): 125 sheets
  • Click Bind Capacity (70gsm): 145 sheets
  • Comb Bind Max Spine Size: 51mm
  • Wire Bind Max Spine Size: 14mm
  • Click Bind Max Spine Size: 16mm
  • Manual Punch Capacity (70gsm): 20 sheets
  • Pitch: 2:1 & 3:1
  • Suitable for General Office Use
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 425x425x125mm
  • Weight: 12.5kg
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years (parts & labour)
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GBC MultiBind 420

With the GBC MultiBind 420, CombBind, ClickBind, WireBind34 and WireBind 21 are all possible. The MultiBind 420 multi-functional binder is a spectacular and robust manual office binding machine ideal for everyday office use. Document size A4, A5.
The MultiBind 420 features a CombBind & WireBind 21 punch capacity of 20 sheets (80 gsm) and a WireBind 34 & ClickBind punch capacity of 14 sheets (80 gsm). The machine Comb Binds up to 450 sheets, WireBinds up to 125 sheets and ClickBinds up to 145 sheets. The MultiBind 420 has a solid construction which provides longer life and greater durability.
The MultiBind 420 features a binding stop which eases the CombBind binding process and a wire compression chamber, for compressing WireBind documents. The binding lever is used for both CombBind & WireBind and closes completely when in portable mode. 7 De Selectable Pins are placed behind the paper support for safety and there is a double handle for extra power when punching. A comb selector enables adjustment of the settings to suit the comb size. Featuring the Floline Pro Binding system, the MultiBind 420 offers paper separating and auto centering as standard, making the binding process easy and ensuring perfect results every time.

GBC MultiBind 420 Comb, Click, Wire 34 and Wire 21 Binding Machine - Specifications

Manufacturer Code:
Bind Type:
Max Bind Capacity (70gsm):
Max Spine Size:
Punch Capacity (70gsm):
Punch Type:
Handle Type:
Paper Loading:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
Paper Guide:
Comb Guide:
Chip Storage Tray:
Binding Timer:
Adjustable Dies:
Cooling Rack:
GBC MultiBind 420
Comb Bind, Wire Bind and Click Bind
Comb Bind - 450 sheets, Wire Bind - 125 sheets, Click Bind - 145 sheets
Comb Bind - 51mm, Wire Bind - 14mm, Click Bind - 16mm
20 sheets
2:1 & 3:1
Manual - Full
** Specifications are subject to change - See Terms and Conditions for more information **